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We are French manufacturers of various types of crushers.

We can carry out a personalised study of your orders and ensure the results meet your requirements.

Our crushers

We are one of Europe's leading manufacturers of crushing equipment. We offer BDC roller crushers, jaw crushers, impact crushers and more. We custom-design, manufacture, and install your industrial machines. As a generalist, we have both fixed and mobile installations. From small laboratory machines to large quarry machinery, we have everything you need.

We offer both fixed and mobile installations

Crusher Manufacturer Paris
Fabricant de concasseur Paris

A rigorous manufacturing method

The design and manufacture of crushing equipment requires a rigorous method and a high level of technical expertise. This is why our engineers have set up an optimised manufacturing process. Design and plan study are carried out with the client so as to develop solutions that best meet the specifications. Then, we rigorously carry out the transcription into machine language, machining and assembly. Finally, we install the machine on-site and develop a maintenance manual.

Methodical and responsive professionals


About us:

  • Subcontractor of Cléro Broyage
  • Present in Europe and North Africa
  • Company created in 1901
  • Family know-how
  • Renowned and reliable

Our product and service quality are recognised throughout France: La Machine, Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, etc.


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