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Corrosion Protection

The protective effect of alkyl silane on building and stone

Alkyl silanes, especially long-chain alkyl silanes, are low-viscosity small-molecular compounds that can penetrate into the interior of concrete, bricks and other materials by a few millimeters to a dozen millimeters. Their long-chain alkyl groups have strong hydrophobicity. And its alkoxy structure reacts with air exposed to an acidic or alkaline environment and moisture in the substrate to form a hydroxyl group. These hydroxyl groups will condense with the silanol groups possessed by the substrate and themselves to form a stable three-dimensional network structure of the hydrophobic treatment layer, inhibiting the intrusion of moisture into the substrate.

The alkylsilane-treated building and stone have strong water repellency, forming a "leaf effect", effectively preventing the erosion of moisture and salt, prolonging the service life of the product , without changing the appearance of the material. Silane immersion liquid is widely used in the protection of stone and cultural relics such as stone Bridges, ports, docks, etc. Commonly used varieties are pure liquid silane products such as SCA-K08E (n-octyltriethoxysilane), SCA-Ki04E (isobutyltriethoxysilane) and K12M (dodecyltrimethoxysilane) and their paste products.


Application of silane coupling agent in metal protection

The silane coupling agent can form a transparent protective film on the metal surface after hydrolysis. This protective film has good insulation and corrosion resistance, can effectively block the air and prevent metal corrosion; and its organic functional group can improve the adhesion of coating, plastic powder to the metal substrate. At the same time, the silane treatment agent does not contain phosphorus and heavy metals such as nickel, manganese, chromium and nitrite carcinogens, is environmentally friendly, and is particularly suitable as an alternative to conventional phosphating and passivation solutions.

The silane coupling agent can be used as a main component of a pure silane system or with some inorganic salts such as a zirconium salt. Silane products for this purpose include some conventional aminosilanes such as SCA-A10E and epoxysilane SCA-E87M, as well as some hydrolyzed or oligomerized products of silanes. The silane coupling agent used for metal surface treatment needs to control some special indexes to achieve better water solubility and hydrolytic stability. Our company has certain technical accumulation in this aspect; at the same time, our company's laboratory is equipped with salt spray boxes, we can cooperate with customers to do some product development work, Welcome to cooperate!


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