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What does "Capatue" mean?
Our company's English name and registered trademark is "Capatue", and actually it is a new compound word created by ourselves. It is made from the former four letters of "Capability" and the last three letters of "Virtue".
It reflects our values and our pursuit. Both of employee and enterprises should have a professional capacity (Professional) and good moral character (Integrity), so as to serve the community better, and then get the recognition and development.
Our Logo and registered trademark is composed by two opposite letter "C". These 2 "C" are taken from the company's English name "Capatue Chemical", which together combined into a benzene ring shape, representing our company's industry background. The middle red diamond of the Logo is a symbol of our corporate philosophy - to create value for our customers and to achieve the win-win situation; and symbolize the values which we stick to - professional competence and good moral character. The diamond is also representing our entrepreneurial spirit - Respect, Satisfaction and Do-best.

Our Organizational Vision - To become a leading supplier of coupling agents and related products and services!

Based on our ten years experience and our professional knowledge & know-how, we focus on Silane Coupling Agent (Organofunctional Silane) and Organometallic Coupling Agent (Titanate, Aluminates and Zirconates), they are 2 two technologies & business core for us. On the other hand we develop another 2 derivative business sections: paint additives (adhesion promoters, wetting and dispersing agents) and silane crosslinked material (porous polymer carrier, dry silane, formulated silane,one-step silane XLPE production technology). Combined with our customer resources and our continuous improvement, we combine with the specific needs of the customer and help our customers to solve their problems. We strive to make our company become the leading coupling agents supplier of China!

Our View of Value - Respect, Satisfaction and Do-best Respect
We respect our staff, customers, suppliers and all partners, to work together and develop together. We do our best to promote the comprehensive capacity and skill of our staff, to create a good working environment and conditions, by organizing training, travelling, group activities and other ways to enrich their lives, reduce stress, and create solidarity employee relations.
For customers, we provide stable & excellent products and professional technical services to win their satisfaction , to establish a long-term mutually beneficial relationship with them, along with the growth and development of the customer.
For the company management and personal qualities, we pursue excellence, striving for perfection, and constantly improving the quality of our products and service, improving the overall quality of staff. Enable the development of enterprises established in the continuously improvment of company and staff, create a sustainable growth momentum.

Our Philosophy - to create value for customers!

In commodity society and market economy, only through reciprocal exchange of commodities, businesses and individuals can get the resources they need Those companies give customers greater value will win more market share and achieve the greater development. So we must develop and utilize our professional capacity and skill to give customers more value and benefits in order to win their order and market share, and obtain our own development driving by the development of our customer. Customer and market is the soil of our development, we should rooted in the market, cooperate with the customer in-depth !

Our Corporate Responsibility - Create value for customers, Create opportunities for staff, and responsible for society!

Create value for customers –is the only reason that we exist and the only external driving force for our development. Create opportunities for staff – is the only internal dynamics of enterprises development .We actively carry out in-house training, improve staff skills. Provide employees rising channel, and continued to improve employee benefits. Responsible for social - to reduce environmental pollution and waste of resources, to contribute to the blue sky; to be a responsible corporate citizen, do our best to contribute community.

Our Corporate Ethics - Integrity and Responsible

Integrity - "A gentleman makes money in a right way.", we should abide by the spirit of the contract and general business principles, integrity management. No preoperative fraud, do not exaggerate effect of the product , do not say bad words of the company sell same product, boycott unethical business practices. Responsible- for the products of our company, we will perform a reliable quality control measures to ensure the sales of products in line with the quality standards that customer sides confirmed beforehand, so that customers will have no worries.

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